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Flix Productions Animated Books of the Bible Animated Puzzles #2 Animated Puzzles #3 Animated Kids Games Animated Beginning Typing Animated Clock Animated Words Animated Arithmetic Animated Alphabet for Windows Animated Spelling Animated States and Capitals Animated Beginning Phonics Animated Math Animated Money Animated Coloring

Flix Productions

Country: USA - City: DelValle
Web Site: Web site

Flix Productions products:

Animated Books of the Bible 1.0
Learn books of the old and new testament and get animated rewards.

Animated Puzzles #2 1.0
A puzzle game for all ages with 55 silly animations.

Animated Puzzles #3 1.0
A puzzle game for all ages with 55 silly animations.

Animated Kids Games 1.0
Seven kid's games that provide hours of enjoyment.

Animated Beginning Typing 1.20
Sound effects and animation are used to make learning to type fun (and funny).

Animated Clock 1.0
to tell time in a variety of ways. For Pre-K - 3rd grade.

Animated Words 1.0
A spelling program for Pre-K - 1st grade. Match the word with it's picture.

Animated Arithmetic 1.0
Teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for 1st - 4th grades.

Animated Alphabet for Windows 1.0
Teaches letter sounds with upper and lower case letters, long and short vowels.

Animated Spelling 1.0
Teaches spelling with over 700 words.

Animated States and Capitals 1.0
Learn the U.S. states and capitals in a fun (and funny) way.

Animated Beginning Phonics 1.0
teaches upper/lower case letters, consonant and short vowel sounds and reading.

Animated Math 1.0
Teaches counting, addition and subtraction with animated rewards.

Animated Money 1.0
Teaches coin recognition and math skills using US and Canadian coins.

Animated Coloring 1.0
A coloring book program that uses sound and silly animation.


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