gas,mileage,tracker,auto,gasoline,fuel,economy,car,conserve,mpg,miles,gallon,highwaytiple cars or other vehicles. You can track your miles per gallon in the city and on the highway. See your average MPG for each tank of gas and over time.

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Gas Mileage MPG Tracker Software for tracking gas mileage on multiple vehicles.
Good: Gas Mileage Tracker is a free program which assists drivers in tracking how much gasoline they use. The software can be used to record the MPG used on multiple cars or other vehicles. In addition, you... (this pertains highway, gallon, miles, conserve, economy, fuel, gasoline, auto, tracker, mileage, ...)
Gas Mileage MPG Tracker 2.1.1
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Software for tracking gas mileage on multiple vehicles.
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Some words about Gas Mileage MPG Tracker:
Gas Mileage Tracker is a miles per gallon tracking freeware application. It enables you to track your gas usage and MPGs. Any number of vehicles can be tracked and recorded using Gas Mileage Tracker, so it can be used for a single car, a familys automobiles, or a large fleet of vehicles. The software tracks a large number of driving statistic including gas mileage, how much money you have spent on gasoline, total miles driven in the city, total miles driven highway, and miles driven per tank. This software can help you track your personal or business budget by letting you know how much you are spending on fuel as well as how many miles you are adding to your car on a monthly or annual basis. By entering your cars data into the database, you will have a record of the cars history for gasoline fill ups, the date you filled up, the miles driven on a particular tank of gas, the cost of the fuel, etc. The simple user interface makes it easy to sort through MPG information and get total data statistics or average stats over a period of time. This way one can see if your gas mileage has altered over time. You can also record notes that may help you to determine if changing the octane of your gasoline, altering driving habits or changing tire pressure has any impact on your miles per gallon. Other features of Gas Mileage Tracker include search, help, and printable report. This MPG tool can assist in saving money in your business or personal finances, it also can assist in saving fuel and helping the environment. Gas Mileage MPG Tracker is fee to install and use with no restrictions.

News, new features for this Minor Update:
Minor bug fixes
ity and on the highway. Average MPG is calculated for each tank of gas. The software tracks other statistics like the number of miles driven on the highway and city f

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Type: Freeware

Download size: 630 Kb
Date: 07/13/2011
Program home
Install/Uninstall: Install and Uninstall
OS: Win2000, Win7 x32, Win98, WinVista, WinXP
Sys requirements: 16MB RAM, Windows
Language: English

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