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w3compiler Develop leaner, more secure code for faster, safer page loads!

w3compiler 1.0
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Develop leaner, more secure code for faster, safer page loads!
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Develop leaner, more secure code for faster, safer sites! Leading sites like Google and Yahoo! hand optimize their mark-up and JavaScript files before upload, saving up to 70%! Until now, this best practice has been too time-consuming and expensive for most developers. With the new w3compiler, code optimization is automated and integrates smoothly with your work flow. Lighter pages load faster for users and cost less to serve.
::Works the Way Developers Work::
Like a programming language compiler, w3compiler optimizes all or selected (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, and CFM files, removing redundant structures and creating optimized duplicates of your pages ready for any browser. Create pages in developer-friendly mark-up and script, then let the tool optimize the changes and deploy them in your target directory -- a natural final step before launching new pages.
::Safe Mark-up and Style Optimization::
Feed w3compiler perfect XHTML and that's what your optimized targets will be: perfect XHTML. Feed it less than stellar mark-up, and your pages still won't break! w3compiler always employs safe compression techniques, and you can verify work with side-by-side visual and code comparison tools.
::Real JavaScript Compression::
w3compiler uses a complete JavaScript parser, making it the most advanced compressor on the market. Variables, functions, objects, and redundant syntax are all minimized automatically! w3compiler is so syntax-aware that it won't break even sloppy code.
::Advanced Features and Room to Grow::
This version not only optimizes HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, but can also manage file names and extensions. w3compiler makes sites smaller and more secure by renaming files to minimal form. The tool strips file extensions, enabling persistent, negotiable 'clean' URLs using Port80's IIS server module, PageXchanger.

Recent changes in this New Release:

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Type: Demo
Price $ 79.95 /
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File size: 1291 Kb
Date: 10/31/2003
Install support: Install and Uninstall
OS: WinXP, Windows2000
System requirements: 64 MB RAM
Language: English

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